DAVID REGELIN YOGA 30H Adjustment Intensive Teacher Training in Ulm/Germany

Life involves carrying weight: responsibilities, emotions, memories and the weight of our bodies. The particular way in which we carry our emotional, psychological, and existential weight forms our postural disposition. Yoga offers an archetypal framework, a revolutionary method based on universal ideals, with which one can reform, re-tune, re-calibrate, and ultimately transform themselves.

The role of a teacher is to leave people in a better position with regard to themselves and their surroundings, by moderating, measuring, adjusting, explaining, interacting and centering people so that they become stable, well adjusted, inspired, and insightful. A teacher must develop their ability to see individuals and provide them with information, insight, and interpretive skill so that the yoga remains substantial and enduring.

This is a specialized practical training for teachers wishing to develop their ability to adjust posture, articulate specific and personalized instructions, work with a broad range of body types and ages, and in general relate the functionality and depth that a relevant yoga practice has to offer.



Gain a functional understanding of the relationship between posture, perspective, insight, and overall psychological orientation. Every body has a narrative. Learn to read, interpret, and dialogue in the body’s language.


Nature, by nature, de-forms.

Just look around you. Study the terrain of the body, identify and re-form parts that have been damaged by physical and emotional experiences.


Assisting with your hands and feet, as well as measuring and leveraging with props, learn to provide students with transformative adjustments that can transform their entire practice and inform their sense of self.


Recommended 2 years of experience teaching yoga.

Exceptions will be made for experienced students with a serious interest and dedication to Yoga.

David Regelin Bio

A Yoga practice can refine and elevate our sense of self, harmonize and strengthen our constitution, and transcribe the body’s language. Through practice and study, most notably with Nevine Michaan, he has a method of teaching that relates the depth, skill, relevancy and practicality that a mindful yoga practice has to offer. His goal is to contribute to the evolution of modern yoga practice, and inspire a revolution in the minds and hearts of its practitioners.


Maximum personal attention

A limited number of students will be accepted to this training in order to ensure the high teaching quality and a unique and effective learning experience with David.

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Yoga Shala
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Dr. Ronald Steiner und Janosch Steinhauer
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