CPB was tasked with designing a limited edition bottle for Beefeater, the number one gin in the world, that would become the catalyst for a campaign idea and exceed volume sales achieved by the highly successful 2012 limited edition bottle. We needed to tell a story that was capable of extending beyond the bottle to all touch points, about how Beefeater embraces change and reinterpretation just like London, its hometown.

Our approach reflected the fact that there are as many views on which images symbolize London as there are Londoners. Our solution asked Londoners to upload photos that represented their London to a competition website. From these we selected the best with which to create our pack.

The pack, from a distance, still bears the iconic Yeoman image. However, on closer viewing you discover the design is made up of hundreds of photos submitted via the competition. In doing so, you discover the myriad views of what constitutes London – as created by Londoners themselves. This resulted in a striking, innovative limited edition bottle that acts as vehicle for a wider digital campaign, whilst engaging the audience through storytelling. The photographic ‘pixels’ of the Yeoman, contrasted on a black background help to create impact on shelf and clearly signals My London as a limited edition.

The concept and the bottle design have unequivocally achieved the brief’s ambitions. The bottle design inspired a social media campaign which received huge PR coverage nationally and internationally. Commercially, orders have increased versus the 2012 Limited Edition and the design has extended the brand’s global footprint into 25 markets versus19 in 2012.

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