Take your photography, time-lapse and filmmaking projects to the next level with professional grade affordable 3-axis motion control.

Announcing the Stage R versatile camera rotary system! kck.st/1ijppP0

Lightweight at 3 pounds per unit with motor or 7 pounds for pan/tilt configuration.
Super strong handling up-to 20 pound payloads.
Highly configurable with 100s of possible combinations and last but not least affordable at $350 per axis.

Why we need your help: We're almost to the finish line but we've gone as far as we can go alone. We've put a lot of time and thought into this design. We've invested in the tools and the technology to get it done. We've produced functional prototypes (both DC and stepper motor driven, MX3 and NMX software controlled) tested and re-tested. Now we need your help with the final bulk material and app development push.

Please help us make it a reality by supporting & sharing our kickstarter campaign! We'll start shipping the first units in May. If you'd like to support our NMX project with Bluetooth control we expect to roll that out in September!

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