The Student Leadership Panel at TeachForAll Global System Change conference discuss the meaning of Student Leadership.

Moderator: Pia Matta,
Panelist 1 - Zeke Cohen, Executive Director, The Intersection
Panelist 2 - Arhan Bezbora, Founder, Just For Kicks
Panelist 3 - Tomás Despouy, Founder, PANAL
Panelist 4 - Agustina Faustín, Founder, LIDER.AR

Watch more content from the Teach For All Global System Change Conference here:

This event is intended to advance thinking across the network around what we need to do to accelerate alumni impact and system change. We’ll expose and engage attendees in some of the most relevant issues and innovations in four primary areas, including:
o Fostering student leadership to fuel system change
o Leveraging strategies employed by fast-improving districts and states
o Effectively training and supporting teacher and school leaders
o Community engagement to galvanize system change

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