Please download the HD Original Clip for critical assessment. Vimeo compression absolutely kills the detail.

I wish I could upload the original master 4:4:4 Cineform file for you - I have never been happier about colour in a camera. And for £700!!!!!! Insane.

Sigma Zoom - 24mm -135mm manual - Nikon mount , Sgblade, BMPCC, RAW

Another test to attempt to emulate the look of film in an increasingly digital world. Some may ask Why?
Good question. I love the look of film. I love that it is forgiving especially on faces and skin. For sports, nature, action and TV modern super sharp cameras are excellent. But for drama, documentaries and perhaps some music videos that require a bit of mojo, analog methods help to soften the image and add a little something. I love the colours of the BMPCC camera and when graded in Gopro Cineform studio can look very close to film.They add a bit of grit. I wish to make short films and music videos soon.
This is a test with my Sigma Zoom - 24mm to 135 mm. Used a couple of other telephoto lenses as well. Next I will do a test with primes.

Post processing - I do not wish to have a Da vinci workflow. I converted the Lossless BMPCC Compressed Cinema DNG files to Cineform RAW using the incredible convertor Raw4pro - .

This gives file sizes about the same size as Prores but with the advantages of compressed Cineform RAW. The colour grading ability is quite out of this world for the price point. The demosaic type in Cineform is Advanced detail 3 - which gives detail that is truly convincing for such a small camera. The debayer algorithm is most important if you wish to maximise quality with the BMPCC - I am sorry butI think that Prores may not give you the best possible quality if you want very flexible hassle free grading. IMHO. A computer can do the number crunching a lot better than a camera so if you want the max - go for RAW!!!

Colour graded in Gopro studio premium. Very important to get the white balance right for all clips. Didn't slave too hard with this one. Edited in Sony Vegas. Converted to H264 mp4 with Gopro Cineform Studio. Job done.

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