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Start facing the wall approximately 10-20 inches away (this will be based on your preference over time) with a medicine ball held at the chest with both hands
The standard is a 20# ball and 10 foot targer for men and a 14# ball and 9 foot target for women, but this can change from workout to workout

- Begin the movement by squatting down below parallel with the ball held at chest level
- Once at the bottom of the squat begin the thruster by exploding through the heels and throwing the ball upwards towards the target as you near full extension at the hips
- If the ball doesn't hit above your target it is a no-rep
- Watch the ball and catch as it comes back down, and in one fluid motion drop back down into the bottom of the squat where you will begin the next repetition

- Some variations include wall ball lunges and heavy wall balls. They get as big as 80lbs

Here's a link to this video in case you get lost: vimeo.com/92082177
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