I Need Change: The Crowd
CrossRoads Nazarene Church *4.13.14* Series: Lent Series: I Need Change Pt. 6

At the heart of God is the desire to give and forgive, heal and save. We are in a series of messages during Lent called, “I Need Change.”

“I pray that the next few days (in the season of Lent) will be a time of spiritual renewal (personal and corporate awakening) for the Church. I pray that God will create an environment of Godly sorrow, leading to honest confession and real repentance, resulting in the renewal of his church…” (Fili Chambo via FaceBook 2013)

Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11 niv

All through this series we’ve considered and heard about people who needed change – and they knew it. Today, I want us to think about THE CROWD. Talk about needing change!

Jerusalem seethed with unrest. It was amped up. Emotions were at a fever pitch. Add to it that thousands were ascending up to the town for the Passover. Jewish law was that every male within 20 miles of Jerusalem must come to Passover; thousands more from all over would also come and make the journey there every year. Some scholars estimate that over 2 million people would converge on Jerusalem.

Think about the CROWD that day, and WHO made up the crowd… I guess in the context of Scripture there were several groups of people that day… They asked the question, “Who is this?”

1. Those Who DID NOT KNOW.



4. Those Who KNEW.

Eventually, all of us will have to answer the question:

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred and asked, “Who is this?” Matt. 21:10

This is Jesus, the One we confess died NOT in order to make it possible for God to love us, but rather to demonstrate that God already does love us and that God’s love is our only hope. This is Jesus, the One we proclaim each week as Messiah and Lord, our source of GRACE, HOPE and HEALING. This is Jesus the living representation of God’s action in the world, whose story comes to a climax this week in order that our story might begin again with the hope and the promise of a good ending. This is Jesus whose ultimate sacrifice we remember during Holy Week with a mix of awe, gratitude, introspection, reflection, and repentance.

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