The C4Q Access Code program teaches both coding and entrepreneurial skills to adults from communities that are traditionally underserved in tech including women, minorities, and immigrants. The part-time, scholarship-based, comprehensive course is designed to train a new pipeline of talent from these underrepresented backgrounds, preparing them to work at startups or launch their own companies.

The lack of developer talent in the overall tech ecosystem presents a tremendous opportunity to create a tech community that is more reflective of the diversity of Queens, NYC, and our society. By extending opportunity to all New Yorkers and helping to increase economic mobility, both the industry and the community will be strengthened through the inclusion of these new ideas and experiences.

The Access Code 2013 Pilot Program
Twenty-one exceptionally talented students graduated from the Access Code 2013 pilot program. Drawing from the great diversity of Queens and NYC, the first cohort was 57% women, 52% underrepresented minorities, and 40% immigrants. In addition to learning how to code iPhone apps, students learned the ins-and-outs of entrepreneurship and app development at workshops hosted by NYC’s tech leaders. Access Code graduates are now embarking on their careers in tech, working at startups and launching their own ventures.

Video by Ceremony Independent

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