Directed by Nelson George

‘Left Unsaid' begins with 15 women gathering for Sunday brunch at the Brooklyn duplex of recently separated woman Marisol Solis. Marisol uses Facebook to invite her guests only one of whom, Belinda, did she know previously. So the question of "What's not in your profile?” drives their encounters. It turns out Marisol knows a secret about Belinda's 12 year old daughter that both angers and confuses Belinda. Bethlehem, a blogger and wannabe novelist, befriends Belinda and introduces her to the online world her daughter inhabits. Asia and Keisha come together. Asia loves hip hop, maybe a bit too much we find out as she reveals her unfortunate romantic choices. Keisha, drinks a little too much, and has strong opinions about who is "really" black and who isn't. Gifted singer-songwriter Ruby comes out and onto Faith, a young woman who's looking for a sense of identity following a failed relationship. Toni comes to the party seeking new roommates for an apartment she can't afford alone, while Lena looks for new pals to party with. Megan loves desserts but hates the close mindedness of so many people she meets in Brooklyn. Knewdles and Sam are two sisters with day jobs, who'd prefer to be in a band. These women, brought together by social networking, find there's a lot more to their new friends than what is revealed on their Facebook profile.

Nelson George is the author of six novels and nine nonfiction books on African-American culture. He has received two ASCAP-Deems Taylor awards and a Grammy Award and has been nominated twice for the National Book Critics Circle Award. Nelson served as Producer on Chris Rock’s award-winning feature documentary Good Hair, a look at hair weaves, relaxers and the international black hair economy. Queen Latifah won a Golden Globe for playing the lead in the HBO movie Life Support, which Nelson wrote and directed, based on his sister’s life.

Contact: Nelson George info@nelsondgeorge.net

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