Our studio created this program for the Young Women's Leadership Charter School of Chicago. YWLCS is unique; it is the only all girl public school in the Chicago Public School system. This school provides a tangible example of how giving can make a direct impact on someone's life, and the ripple effect of that gift will be felt for generations to come.

The program played at their annual Girl Power fundraising event on April 9. The 2014 fundraiser was extremely successful. I'd like to think that the six videos that we produced for the event had something to do with their terrific results. Over 80% of the production costs were donated by Creative Dynamics Studio. We really believe in this school!

We had a great field production crew including DP Dan Lopatowski and Sound Recordist Chris Koranek. To help make our student talent look their best, we brought in Makeup Artist Jaycie Kurfress, who has worked with us on some of our UNCF projects. CDS staffer Suzy Weimer was our on-location still Photographer and Teleprompter Operator for the scripted She Shines video. Finally, YWLCS Staffer Cassandra DiPrizio acted as Producer and our Executive Producer was Holly Hughes. Bill Coons directed and both Bill and Suzy were the post production edit team, with Cassandra providing content direction. Ronan Leyesa designed and produced all of the motion graphics for the five 2014 videos. The music is licensed from DeWolfe.

TECH: This program was shot with two AF-100s for the main interviews; B-roll was acquired with the Panasonic HPX500 full size camcorder. Two Voigtländer Prime lenses were used for the main interviews; the 25mm and the recently released 42.5mm; both are .95 aperture lenses. Everything was acquired in 1920x1080HD and edited in 1280x720 format.

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