We Don't Play What You Want by Nacho Radio
our first house track - looking to release it on a label and promote it through our 8 million+ promotional network and feature it in magazines/radios

this is a snippet - there is a second part but you won't hear that until we'll release the track

for more information on our promotional services for artists, bands and record labels - have a look at our website



ladies, gentlemen and bear
you're now listening to nacho radio

we're so unhappy you're tuning in
we really wanted to go home today

but now unfortunately because of you guys
actually listening to what we have to say

we have to be here
all day

our topic today is never take advice from other people
this is my advice to you

just a friendly reminder
we don't play what you want

you will not like what you'll be hearing

we don't do requests

if you ask for pop
we're gonna play black metal

we really don't care what you have to say
and we will not put on a show

this is Na'Cho Radio!

testicles, 1, 2
this thing on?

we like it when it's quiet

you're on the dancefloor
why are you talking?

tell me this..

do yo..erm.. go to a stripclub..
and start stripping?

for the second part... wait and see.. and buy the track when it's out!

also watch on YouTube youtu.be/_y_uhUK_Gbw

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