This is a special ringtone that They Might be Giants made for me. I'm not supposed to tell the exact details of how and why this was made, but let's just say it's nice to belong to a special fan club. *wink*

The pictures on the other hand are a different story. Most come from since I have been a member there since 2003. I post there as Outlaw88,hence why I'm getting shot in the last piece.

The Rat is also from Newgrounds and has been one of my favorite custom made things for a long time. Recently an artist named Takobot gave him a major upgrade, just for being part of the Mighty No. 9 community.

I was also part of a Mega Man X 2 team called The Code: Island Attackers where I portrayed Wheel Gator. In one of my last stories I wrote for it I had my character become a professional wrestler.

So while I know this all seems very narcissistic, trust me when I say I hate myself most days. That being said I really wanted to share some of these awesome things made for me by some very awesome people.

Some of the art has the authors name on it. The rest I can't recall since I've had them for years. The Wheel Gator sprites were made by a person who called herself "Avi" on our MMX2 team.


Hello Andrew Felson!
Where the Hell have you been?
Lately you're not taking many calls.
Will you answer?
No one knows.

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