This video is now a part of a fundraising campaign for the Baltimore Chapter of FICA:

From the fundraising site:

Capoeira has been popularized in movies, cartoons, and even video games, over the years.

Here in Baltimore, a passionate practitioner called Contra Mestre Skher, provides instruction based on years of earnest dedicated training; along with his knowledge of Brazil, proficiency in Portuguese, and performance skills.

In order to continue to grow as a community and as an organization, Contra Meeste Skher and the Baltimore chapter of FICA now need $2500 in order to stay current on rent and other operational expenses until the group receives pending funds from grants and rental revenue sources.

It is our hope that this campaign is wildly successful and that additional funds can be used to provide financial aid to young people who are interested in the art form but don’t have money to pay for classes.

For those who are not familiar, the study of Capoeira Angola today incorporates martial arts training with a strict philosophy of respect for every person, for family, and for tradition. While students learn rituals and physical movements that look like dance choreography, they are actually "playing" at a competition. This training helps young athletes learn specific martial, dance, and acrobatic movements, but also requires that they work constantly to out maneuver their opponent.

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