This breakdown also includes the final animation of my Armadyne / Elysium Inspired Drone. The animation is really short because i had render times between 19 and 48 minutes for each frame.

The main problem was subframe motion blur @ 36 times. Since the geometry count is rather high and octane had to load the scene 36 times (because of the sfmb) for each frame, i did get those bad render times. Can't wait for object motion blur with Octane 2.0. I also need to mention, that i only had one 780GTx to realise this project wich definitely also played a big role.

Software: Cinema 4D (Modelling, Animation), Octane Renderer (Render Engine), After Effects (Postwork)

Octane Render Settings: Pathtracing @ 50 maxsamples x 36 subframes (motion blur) = 1800 samples per frame

System: i72600, 1x 780GTX(3GB Ram), 16GB Ram

Music: Avicii - Levels (iNeXus Remix)

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