Edu Felistoque's recent work, INSUBORDINADOS, in english INSUBORDINATE, written and played by Silvia Lourenço tells the story of a young woman whose father is facing a death state at hospital, and which leads her to write while waiting for this painful journey to end.

Title in english: INSUBORDINATE
Duration: 72 min

32-year-old Janete has her life on hold. With her dad (a reformed colonel from the military police) facing a death state in the hospital, she does nothing but spend his last days beside him. While waiting for the inevitable end of this painful journey, Janete writes incessantly, sometimes on her laptop, sometimes on a notebook.
Throughout the days Janete creates a police plot that helps her get in touch with her deepest fears and desires, her escape, which reveals much of who she is and how she faces such a hard loss.
Thus, the Assistant Chief Diana Simoes becomes the alter ego of Janete and some of the people surrounding her, like the nurse Beth, the dolly Jurandir, the physician Dr. Mauricio and the janitor Giba begin to take part in Janete’s literary fantasy.
The film seeks with no pretension to remember people of how creativity can be transforming. It is a compliment to all narrators, who love to tell stories.

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