Finished work:

Shot at 60i, brought into Sony Vegas with 60p property project, batch rendered individual clips as 60p AVIs, then opened the new clips into a 25p project and slowed down the footage 30% for clips that contains people singing and 60% without singing.

Most of the footage shot for the music clip was green screen, which I hate 'cause nothing creatively in it for me. I would have also liked to have shot hand-held. I won't be editing the piece but will be responsible for the grading. These are just some ideas, using Magic Bullet, and would appreciate feedback, good or bad :-) as I'm still a newbie!

Just a note that I threw in a random piece of music to edit the piece together as I don't have access to the original song...yet.

Camera: Canon HF-S11
DoF adapter: Handy35 V5+
Lens: Nikon 50 mm f/1.4
Music: Mr. Gorgeous by Smoke City

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