The (full) 35-minute Adobe Camera Raw tutorial is a must for those who want to re-process folder raw files, and anyone confused about the differences in the Process Versions. It shows you which of the sliders to use for highlight clipping (maybe not the one you think it is!) and takes an image through a translation process through the versions, getting the best of the ACR capabilities. We use Clipping Display and make a preset in the Workflow Options for previewing in CMYK, comparing this with the assigned RGB profile. This tutorial focuses on the fundamentals that affect ALL images, and is shown on two entirely different image scenarios, including one that is severely underexposed. We use local corrections on one image and let the selective and global adjustments take care of the other. We perform a Noise Reduction and apply some light grain.

This Preview is approx. 4.30 minutes.The full video is approx. 35 minutes.

©Gry Garness for Eureka Imaging Publications 2010-2014

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