It has been described by the groom as a "spiritual connection", and described by the bride as "verified by prayer". It's also been described by the couple, by friends, and by family simply as "Love".

The two love-birds met in court while the lawyers were waiting for the judge to show up, and might I add, while they should have been thinking about the client (lol).
A conversation was started that seemed unimportant, but it would turn out to be a series of threads weaving towards a far more grand tapestry of romance and ultimately marriage.

Our learned colleagues would soon learn that 'colleagues', is not what the laws of attraction could let them be.
And so AyedeFP once again enjoys the privilege of lifting our glasses to toast to love, to, romance, to family, to the future... but more immediately, to Martins and Flora, wishing them a happy married life.

[The soundtrack is "Once in a life time, by a lovely Ghanian Lady named "Ebisan". I don't own the rights. If you like it BUY IT! lol]

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