HonorAir Knoxville serves WWII and Korean War veterans by taking them to Washington, D.C. on a one day trip to see the memorials built in their honor - at no cost to the veterans. Veterans visit the WWII Memorial, Korean War Memorial, the Marine Memorial, Air Force Memorial, and Arlington National Cemetery for the changing of the Guard. Including this trip, HonorAir Knoxville has taken over 2000 veterans to D.C. to see these memorials.

On this, the 16th trip to Washington, D.C. - 128 hero veterans from WWII and Korean War made the trip.

This was their journey.

For more information, visit honorairknoxville.com

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Videography and Editing by Michael Shuemaker

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-We Were Soldiers - L'Orchestra Cinematique
-Victory Quest - John Powell
-Shaft Of Glory - Oswin Macintosh
-Bridge over the River Kwai - Royal Australian Air Force
-Three Strikes - Jim Dooley
-Battle Hymn of the Republic - performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
-Mount Legend - Oswin Macintosh
-Trailblazing - Steve Jablonsky
-America the Beautiful - performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra & John Williams
-The United States Army Song - performed by the United States Army Band & Thomas Palmatier
-The United States Coast Guard Song - performed by the United States Coast Guard Band & Lewis Buckley
-The United States Navy Song - performed by the United States Navy Band & Ralph Gambone
-The United States Air Force Song - performed by the Band of the United States Air Force Reserves & Alan Clark
-The United States Marine Song - performed by the The President's Own United States Marine Band & Timothy Foley
-God Bless the U.S.A - Lee Greenwood
-God Bless America - performed by Celine Dion

All music used in this video remains the property of the writer/owner.

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Stock WWII & Korean War footage from The Nation Archives database. archives.gov

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