All my friends and the most of the viewers know that I'm 100 % C.... C - like Country. That's my world and that will remain this way 'till end of days. My heart is NASHVILLE.

But something I've overlooked. Sometimes I was blind. I was walking along my "country road" without looking to right or left. And I tell you what. It was wrong. We are all citizens of the world. We are all one TEAM in one BOAT and more closely than ever. Ladies and Gentlemen. My dear friends.

If you are walking along your own road. Have a close look to the signs on your right or left. Even if you don't know what's going on there. Find it out. And I am sure. In every country in this world you'll find some jewels -- If your HEART IS WIDE OPEN and your eyes ready to see.
I am honest: I've never paid attention to the German music because my eyes only saw country singers and my heart was only ready for the country music. But that was wrong.
HELENE FISCHER / PETER MAFFAY / KARAT are awesome singers and German music jewels. Ready with each song to paint the world a bit friendlier and more colorful. Why these three?
Germany has a lot of great singers like Herbert Grönemayer or Andre Berg. But Fischer / Maffay and Karat together are like a hurricane. A Hurricane with a world message. These three songs move mountains all over the world and let the sun shine. Where once was only shadow.

My respect. Thank you for your music and for your message. Keep on running. The world needs you.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Dear friends. Thank you for your attention and time. Have a close look and listen to this singers. May God bless you Helene Fischer, Peter Maffay, Karat -- you and your loved ones and all friends out there.

Chuck -- the country boy – Houston

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