In this presentation, Andy Needham demonstrates Cinema 4D techniques in projects for Lyroke, Six Nations Scrum Down, The Goalmouth, Muse, and Google #THISPLACE.

In Lyroke, Andy utilizes MoGraph and Camera Morph to create a logo animation featuring a VU Meter wall.

For Six Nations Scrum Down, Andy utilized a Cinema 4D Content Browser preset stadium and a Rigid Body Dynamics simulation of a rugby ball, and finished the logo animation using the Camera Morph.

In The Goalmouth, Andy demonstrates the use of Cinema 4D Cloth and Atom Array to create a soccer (football) goal, as well as an emitter with Rigid Body Dynamics for confetti.

For the Muse project, Andy copied Illustrator artwork and pasted directly into Cinema 4D using Cineversity's ArtSmart plugin. Spline Mask and Camera Morph are used in the completion of the logo animation.

Finally, Andy discusses his role in Google's #THISPLACE promo. Cinema 4D was used to simulate paper cutouts to populate an urban and outdoor environment.

17:57Six Nations Scrum Down
27:51The Goalmouth
41:46Google #THISPLACE
49:28Q & A

Recorded live at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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