Oct. 27th, 2008 - Feb 6th, 2010 (r1416)

Music is "Hidden Sky" by Jami Sieber, non-commercial Creative Commons licensed via Magnatune

PNGs created with code_swarm (code.google.com/p/codeswarm/), encoded with ffmpeg then finished with avidemux to encode mp4/h.264 & add the MP3 audio on a Fedora 12 based laptop.

ffmpeg -f image2 -r 24 -i ./code_swarm-%05d.png -sameq ./k9.avi -pass 2

code_swarm color configs:
ColorAssign1="Artwork",".*/images/.*", 0,0,255, 0,0,255
ColorAssign2="Code","(.*Android.*|.*/src/.*)", 0,255,255, 0,255,255
ColorAssign3="Docs","(.*/NOTICE|.*/docs/.*)", 102,0,255, 102,0,255
ColorAssign4="Resources","(.*/res/.*|.*/assets/.*)", 255,0,0, 255,0,0

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