Visage Mobile, a new San Francisco based cellphone analysis software company, launched a pledge drive on social media to help us all take our eyes off our phones and enjoy "real life" this holiday season. This short little piece was their promo for it. Breaking up is always awkward... (featuring the comedic brilliance of Philomena Block from Chico and Santa Cruz)

Shot on a RED Epic in 5k, BlackMagic Cinema Camera and two Canon DSLRs.

A CLAi Production
Executive Producer: Anadelia Fadeev
Producer & Director: Chris Layhe
Girl With Phone: Philomena Block
Friend With Car: Megan Parle
Cameras: Chris Layhe, John Tulin & Alexandra Conway
DIT: Steven Roberts
PA: Stephanie Layhe
Location: The Workman Family
Co-Editors: Chris Layhe & Alexandra Conway
Color Grading: Chris Layhe & Alexandra Conway

CLAi: the video production company in San Francisco and San Jose. We are the 4k UltraHD film and video production and post-production people, combining creative solutions and innovative technologies to craft exceptionally effective programs of every type, size and budget.

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