Performances: Praga Cafe, 1996; Villa Serena, Bologna, 2000; Exit, Bologna, 2001; Circolo Cult. B.Brecht, Milano, 2001
videoinstallation:videoproiection, cardboard boxes, white paint, 2000
video:2000 Italy, colours, 13'00'' ed. 3 + 2ap
videostill STREAP, 2003 ed. 7 + 1
series of analogic photographs from screen

The work begins with the artist sealed in two big white boxes that tie her and block her movement.
It is the imprisonment of the contemporary human being into boxes of duty, convention, ideology and hypocrisy. The action is a progressive liberation of these conditions through the destruction of boxes and masks, to discover our real identity, our real body, our deep inner natural freedom.

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