Do you welcome thieves into your community by intentionally refraining from calling them out when they steal using the law to your advantage?
One of the many beliefs that I grew up with was quite simple and direct. “Show me a liar and I will also show you a thief.”
So far in life I have not been misled by this little gem of wisdom, which brings me, and all of you, to my story.

My name is Michaelle Daceus. I am an entrepreneur with a degree in Legal Studies, Business and Marketing and I founded and developed a unique real estate business concept. In recent months, I have researched Intellectual Property and Corporate Identity theft which I’d endured from a consultant I had employed to help assist in the launching of my business concept, to also be in charge of any future investors. During the course of his consultancy, I began to sense dishonesty in the things he had promised he would deliver. I quickly realized that his ulterior motive all along was to steal my concept and company right underneath me using his cons and I also discovered fraud in his record when I investigated which showed his stockbroker license revoked after many people have sued him because of unauthorized trade and mismanagement of public customers’ accounts.

discontinue with him resulted in a downward spiral of arguments, intellectual property theft, and accounts access hijacked. I’m now living in a twilight zone of cuckoo dealing and having the burden of having to prove my identity as the sole and only founding party to my business. In my attempts to reason with him and keep from any legal proceedings he took it as a weakness and escalated his misrepresentation of my ideas and my role.
I am now being forced into a legal fight to defend and attest to my experiences. The imposter claims to have the financial ability to drag this on and is ready to spend as much as $300,000 to steal my business. Although his limit is six times the amount that a counsel have quoted me to take on my case, but still the $50,000 the counsel is asking is way over my reach as I’ve already spent my entire savings to launch this business. The imposter of course is aware of my limited financial resources and has made it his goal to take advantage hoping that I’ll give up fighting.
In spite of the situation, he continues to promote and misrepresenting himself on Facebook and I want to put an end to this nightmare. I must raise the $50,000 to allow the counsel to begin the process.
I will not let this imposter succeed at bullying me, any money raised through this campaign that is not spent on these legal expenses will be donated to: Florida Business Council Organization.

Thank you for reading my story, and please give as you can. To contact me about this fundraising campaign, email or, follow me on Facebook here:

-Thank you.

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