Manuel Francisco Murillo Perdomo, aka 13Pulsions, was born in Brussels, from an Italian mother and a Colombian father. After his debut as a graffiti artist, he presently expresses himself through paintings and the creation of fashion accessories or elements of decoration, using acrylic colours, sprays and markers. 13Pulsions takes part in numerous exhibitions, mainly in Brussels, but in Barcelona and Milan as well. The street is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the painter Manuel Francisco Murillo. His a-typical characters are the results of chance encounters on the road, in different cities of the world. Their faces, often with dark complexions and intense expressions, communicate human interest stories. For his portraits Manuel Francisco makes use of the graffiti technique in keeping with his artistic origins related to the urban fabric. With his passion forpsychology and the study of human psyche, Manuel Francisco injects life into his women and men who are portrayed as unique and at the same time complex characters.

We are proud to present visuals that were created specifically for Hotel BLOOM! in one of our meeting rooms.

"I wanted to create something that is, in both design, trendy and reflect the philosophy of thebloom. The colors and subjects are also directed by this philosophy of things. You see people who are doing things of everyday life, but the drawing has an imaginary part. It is therefore a mixture between reality and imagination. This corresponds to my vision of the world.”, says Manuel Francisco Murillo aka 13Pulsions.

In kind collaboration with gitzwart, an agent of creativity, connecting the creative and commercial and facilitating collaboration processes.

13pulsions.com / gitzwart.com / hotelbloom.com

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