When it comes to the issues that divide us, everyone’s got an opinion.
A lot of times we get them from profit-driven news outlets that favor emotion over reason…
…and entertainment over information.
Too often it’s rhetoric, not reality, that dominates our discussions - at home, in the media, and in our government.
Which is why even though we all want the same outcomes, we always end up taking sides. And when we take sides, we
don’t get things done.
Progress depends on less rhetoric and more facts. Because it's no use fighting over opinions. Only facts can move us
That’s the idea behind SavvyRoo, the world’s first social marketplace for facts.
SavvyRoo is the Web’s go-to clearing-house for the charts, graphs, and data that make the difference between being
…and being informed.
It’s a place where users can post the most significant facts on the most pivotal topics…
…helping to close the gap between what you believe and what you know.
It’s the free and fun way to bring intelligence back to hot-button discussions. With SavvyRoo, you can find and share data
from sources you trust within a community of like-minded people…
…people who believe that opinions should conform to the evidence—not the other way around.
It’s credible data for open-minded people.
So find your facts. Make progress.
Join the discussion at SavvyRoo.com, where more facts lead to smarter people and a better world.

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