Real use case of Big Data without Hadoop for a large European bank.

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This is Paul. He is a Business analyst at a large European bank

Paul analyses millions of transactions of his clients with other financial institutions world-wide every day.

Paul needs to create a reporting system to answer questions like who are the clients with the most transactions every hour. He nees to solve 20 queries like this one every 60 minutes.

Paul asks for help from his colleague Neil in the IT department

Neil regrets to tell Paul that his systems would not even load the data.

Neil suggests to speak with Maximilian, a consultant at a large enterprise software corporation. Maximilian screens through his catalog of 922 products... but no, none can cope with all those data!

Dave, a Hadoop engineer, joins them. "What's up, guys?" When briefed, Dave proposes a classic Big Data solution consisting in a cluster of 10 nodes with Hadoop and MapReduce. He reckons that he could process queries at a rate of 200 seconds per query

However, Paul needs the results in less than 180 seconds!

Erm, "OK, it is time for a break I guess, folks"

They stumble upon Grace, who works at Stratio - a disruptive Big Data company. Grace agrees to join them for a cup of coffee.

Upon listening to their problem, Grace comes up with a suggestion: how about a NoSQL approach requiring 2 nodes only? It would be Hadoop-free [elephant disappears - pop] and capable of cranking out answers at a speed of 20 seconds per query!?

No more elephants in the room! Stratio's platform is fast, lean and cheap. It is secure, enterprise-ready and it does not lock your systems or data in.
[deep perfunctory tone]

This video is based on real events of a real bank. Special thanks to Paul, Neil, Maximilian, Dave... and Grace

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