Intro film for the upcoming event Internet Week Denmark

The object of this intro is to frame the generic theme "Internet" of the Internet Week Denmark festival.
I wanted to create a universe that drew upon the feelings from back in the days when boys were sitting in their rooms surrounded by 8-bit sounds and primitive computer graphics. Back when fascination of digital sent its first sprouts through many of us.

Transforming the laptop into a robot is supposed to hint to the "man versus machine" theme and everything that happens in the interface between the human and the computer. The death of the robot and its resurrection with a cell phone head is of course an analogy to the paradigm shift that came along with the birth of the smart phone that indeed has given us all unlimited access to the Internet.

To make the 8-bit universe complete, the score is mainly made up from 8-bit computer game sounds and old sequencer sounds. It is composed on the iPad, using the 303 in Propellarhead's ReBirth app, the 8-bit drum kit in the DM1 drum machine app, and a moog from Garageband.

Concept, direction, graphic design, animation, and music by Jesper Bolther
Logo and identity by Joachim Rye Jensen

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