Directed by Alex Gibney
Written & Edited by Austin Andries
Sound by Erica Butz
Produced by Shenita Murphy

Isabella Andries as Sarah
Erica Butz as Jen
Austin Andries as Sam

- Finalist of the Take One Film Festival (Spring '14) at Columbia College Chicago -

AA: This film stemmed from my frustration with e-readers and coming to terms with the realization that in many ways some of the things I love most in life are becoming "nostalgic," mostly books and old telephones. These are things I grew up with and will always cherish, but as technology progresses further and further, their place in the world becomes smaller and smaller. I worry for the way people interact now; so much happens on a computer screen or on a small cellphone. The chance for random interaction and happenstance, serendipity if you will, becomes harder and harder to come by as we spend more time staring at a screen and less time looking up at the world and remaining open for the chances the may come our way. We make ourselves available for the select few that we can contact instantly, but without that security blanket, we are unable to cope when the internet goes out or our phone breaks.

We created this film as our final project for our Moving Image Production class at Columbia College in Chicago (taught by the spectacular Ruth Leitman) in the fall of 2013, and were lucky enough to be one of ten films selected to show at the Take One Film Festival this past April.

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