Calico Waves

Blue and green amorphous curiosities
reached toward the warming sun in late morning.
Their salty, wet tongues lapped at my feet
as the lazy Sunday lumbered along, creating a haze.

It was an ice cream Sunday on the promenade,
and summer was written in the sky;
there was music for the souls that were dancing,
and colorful umbrellas provided refuge to those too weary.

Millions have met these waves--my friends--
since the days when I danced to the music,
but I promised to travel the world as their feet,
returning one autumn to tell them of my life's adventures.

I brought my children from the city to the shore,
to meet the waves and share the secrets
that I had confided in their massive, royal blue majesty
while splashing and laughing in the spirit of summer.

Many people in life had beat me to the finish line,
but I did not participate in the marathon.
I chose to walk in the sandy paths with bare feet
that always seemed to lead me to the sea.

In finding that this was where my tired eyes belonged,
I sought out the coast painted in colors of autumn,
and watched as my soul was carried in calico waves,
rolling on to meet the setting sun in the distance.

© 2013 Nicholas Emeigh

This is a poem by Nicholas Emeigh, a writer and artist from Philadelphia, PA. You can see more writing, art, and design at my website:

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