Discover Solar Announces Strong First Quarter Results
San Diego, CA (PRWEB)
April 16, 2014
Discover Solar, an online lead generation platform connecting homeowners with discounted bids from trusted companies for solar panel installation and solar lease financing, announced a strong first quarter performance in 2014. Launched in December 2013, encourages solar technology by reducing the cost to install solar in households by comparing competitive price quotes from multiple solar installers.
This platform also helps the small to mid size solar installers get the leads they are looking for to grow there company without knowing the complexities of the internet marketing world and a great opportunity for homeowners to price shop without spending a lot of time on the solar educational process.
Discover Solar's vision to become the trusted hub on the internet for the education of the homeowner on solar will only continues with solar growth in the United States. A better educated homeowner will make it easier for the small to mid-sized solar installers to compete against the larger players in the industry because the small to mid-sized solar installer can spend time closing the sale instead of educating them. Discover Solar’s free service connects homeowners with solar companies in their area. On average, homeowners have received a 20 percent or more reduced cost on their solar systems through Discover Solar.
It’s a challenge to find customers in the residential solar business. In reaching out to homeowners, an installer spends an average of $3000 per successful customer acquisition, according to GTM Research. is using marketing expertise to identify homeowners and educate them on the many benefits of using solar technology. Then connecting the educated homeowner with multiple solar installers in their area so the homeowner can get the best installation for them specifically. It can get confusing and overwhelming really fast. There is no possible way that small to mid-sized solar installers are going to do all that in-house because quite frankly, they don't have the man-power or the resources to do it themselves. It's much better to outsource what they can't do well so they can focus on what they can do well. Generating solar leads is all we do at
The U.S. solar market is experiencing robust growth. 2013 was a record year, with 2.3 GW of solar installed, reaching a cumulative 10 GW. That’s some 400,000 solar projects in total! For the first time in 15 years, the U.S. will have added more installations than solar poster-child Germany. And residential is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. solar market, according to the solar energy industries association (SEIA).

For more information about Discover Solar or to learn more about obtaining a quote for solar energy services, please visit
Discover Solar is a premiere lead generation company that strives to educate the lead to make it a better experience for the homeowners and business owner. Discover Solar specializes in solar to stay on top of the ever changing solar lead landscape.

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