Beijing in Heidenröslein 北京 in 野バラ (Beijing Heidenröslein 野玫瑰 in 北京)
Lijiang 麗江
Pilgrimage 巡礼

Hiroshi Sunairi created a collection of video, entitled, "Pilgrimage," based on his trip to China in 2006, passing through Beijing (北京), Lijiang (丽江), Shangri-la (香格里拉), Deqin (德欽), Feilai si (飞来寺) and Yubeng village (雨崩村) in the Yunnan Province (雲南省), near the border of Tibet Autonomous Region.  This journey, culminated in meeting a Tibetan Lama and making a pilgrimage to Yubeng's sacred waterfall at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain, Kawakarpo-la (梅里雪山). For Sunairi, this work is a documentation of the act of pilgrimage.

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