Stuart Garrard better known by the stage name Stu G, is a British guitarist and singer-songwriter. Popularly known for his work with Delirious? He is also currently a member of the US-based Christian contemporary music band One Sonic Society.

In this video he talks about his experience of encountering God and how he chose to glorify God through his music.

About - The Music Mantra Series
Music is more than just the melody, the rhythm, and even the lyrics! There's no doubt that when the three come together they form a powerful combination that has the ability to impact lives. Music has a way of ministering to the human soul in a way that words could never do. Which is why it leads one to ponder over the role, purpose and the power behind music and those that make it.

Music Mantra is as it's name suggests- the ideologies behind the music. 'Mantra' a old sanskrit word literally meaning 'instrument of thought. Here we talk to musicians and get a glimpse into their lives, their creative process and their ideologies and personal stories.


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