This week Martin returns with another installment of "Good for the Jews, bad for the Jews," welcomes bar mitzvah boy Alan Horowitz, and interviews a woman from Eudora, Kansas who has never met a Jew before.

Starring Michael Feinstein, Hal Alpert, Nick Sasso, and Lindsay Kirk
Directed by Michael Larson and Micah Levin
Written by Michael Feinstein
Produced by Michael Feinstein, Micah Levin, and Michael Larson
Co-Produced by James Larson and Cait Raft
Associate Produced by Dash Finley
Edited by Micah Levin
Graphic Design by James Larson
Production Sound by James Larson
Music by Andy Stein
Special Thanks to Irwin Levin, Rachel Levin, and Zack Grossman

Copyright © 2014, The Modern Mensch. All Rights Reserved.

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