Some only come out at night. Some never stepped foot on a track. Some never defined themselves as athletes. Yet all are inspired by a common philosophy and by the idea of using the pavements of their urban wildlife as their playground. From New York City to Moscow, from London to Zurich - they are all inspired by each other. They are unified by a responsibility to make each other improve, in the pursuit of accomplishing the unthinkable. These are the times when you share joy as much as you share pain, and you grow into a team inseparable.

Written by:
Joey Elgersma

Director, camera, editor:
Stephan Wever

Additional camera:
Chris Leete

Bernie Greiner

Title design:
Helge Kiehl

Co-Written by:
Isabelle Pohl

Public Relations Manager:
Bart Hendrikx

Music in order of appearance:
Cloud Boat - Bastion
Haxan Cloak - The Growing
Mr Carmack - Roller (new look)
Oneohtrix Point Never - Cryo
Holy Other - Feel Something (The Haxan Cloak Remix)

Final Mix:
Jonathan Wulfes


Run Dem Crew
NY Bridgerunners
Black Roses NYC
Paris Running Club
Patta Running Team
Berlin Braves
Moskva River Runners
Gorky Park Runners


Charlie Dark
Mike Saes
Cedric Hernandez
Knox Robinson
Jessie Zapo
Edson Sabajo
Jay Smith
Yué Wu
Troels Frederiksen
Joey Elgersma
Vedran Zgela
Alexandra Boyarskaya
Vladimir Vesolov


Nike Berlin
Kathi Zimmermann
Isabelle Pohl
Alex Groth
Henrik Alm
Antje Paschke
Andre Herzig
Toyah Siegel
Helge Kiehl
Parasol Island
Jonathan Wulfes
Moritz von Schröter
Bart Hendrikx
Matthias Allendorf
Haydar Biyik
Digital Straik
Bernie Greiner
Niko Papoutsis
Ben Lucchesi
Cloud Boat
Haxan Cloak
Mr Carmack
Holy Other

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