From the street level view of ‘One Less Car’, to the city cycling officer going to Amsterdam and London to see what they’re doing in ‘Three Cycling Cities’ to the thinking that is going into making Dublin a ‘Two Wheeled City’ DCTV’s innovative new series on cycling is must viewing for anybody interested in how our city and transport systems function. A chance to see what the targets about cycling and transport mean and what the current thinking is in our local authorities, in our universities and amongst the residents of Dublin, this is not dumbed down simplistic television – this is the start of a much needed conversation both within and about the cycling movement.

From the reasons we should, and shouldn’t, insist on cycling helmets to how we design our roads to create dedicated spaces for cycling while ensuring ‘permeable’ road systems with a mix of transport forms – The Pedal Project is the most complete and wide ranging analysis of cycling in Dublin yet. Fashion, politics, health, quality of life all show up as Dublin Community Television brings its own unique style of media making to the issue. Visually arresting, we see how Dublin compares to London and Amsterdam and hear voices from all strata and corners of our city.

The Pedal project is not a documentary – it is an ongoing debate emerging into public view in all its complexity and variety for the first time. You are invited to contribute.

Check out Dublin Community TV's series on cycling, the pedal project.

Three Cycling Cities
From Dublin to London to Amsterdam

Two Wheeled City:
Two Wheeled City constructs a convincing case and viable plan to recast Dublin as a cyclable city. Healthier, cheaper, friendlier, faster – the case for normalising cycling has never been more powerfully put

One Less Car
Part snapshot of the zeitgeist part cycling agit-prop.

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