A STEADY GRIND (2009, digital video, 60:00) is a home movie style portrait of Eloyse Kereszi, a fiery grandmother with a mouth like a sailor, who runs Joe’s Junkyard in Chester, Pennsylvania. Eloyse inherited her husband’s 54-year-old business in 1991 when he died of a heart attack on the junkyard soil. He was preparing to have heart surgery, but walked out of the hospital with his IV still attached and went to the junkyard for his final day of work. At this time Eloyse was 60 years old, but retirement was not an option due to thousands of dollars of tax debt, her failing health, and her living son’s financial dependence on the business. For over a decade, she maintained faith in the family’s ability to overcome these hardships, but as she slipped further into tax debt and ill health, Eloyse began to come to terms with the traumatic loss of her husband and sons, and was faced with the decision to sell the junkyard.

Eloyse is my grandmother.

Edited by Victoria Kereszi & Penny Lane
Music by Stern and The Darklings

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