Letters and words, devoid of meaning, are a familiar sight for many individuals. In the United States alone, one in five people are affected by Dyslexia. This project seeks to shift the conversation about dyslexia—to an appreciation of differences rather than focus on disability. The work provides a foundation for understanding, inclusion and support for individual thinking styles.


i never knew what words were
til i met one
all bottled up and confused and i coexed it
made it open up to me
i remember how at first she was afraid,
reluctant and acquiasent
saying you have got me all wrong
i am prenounced si-clic-cal not sick-li-cal
i’m not linear, i don’t make sense
role of your tongue
i am out of context
there is nothing essential about me
i only make meaning in context
it is just about the way that you use me
situate me, without a user i am usless
i am just a word sister
don’t be fooled.

–Naomi Folb

Folb, Naomi. "Words." Forgotten Letters: An Anthology of Literature by Dyslexic Writers. Ed. Naomi Folb. S.l.: Rasp, 2011. 41. Print.

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