Letters and words, devoid of meaning, are a familiar sight for many individuals. In the United States alone, one in five people are affected by Dyslexia. This project seeks to shift the conversation about dyslexia—to an appreciation of differences rather than focus on disability. The work provides a foundation for understanding, inclusion and support for individual thinking styles.


When words fly
When darkness and despair distend
When escape is a must
We must find
A jade covered palace
With rich earthy browns
With the sound of water
With the smell of damp earth
With a cool wind blowing
With endless ladders to the sky
With golden rays shining through
With animals scurrying around
With leaves dancing on the ground
But soon it will start to fade
And all together disappear
We know that it is time to go
For this place of wonder, peace, and serenity
Will come again
When words fly

–Maddie Snyder

Snyder, Maddie. "Jade Coverred Palace." Forgotten Letters: An Anthology of Literature by Dyslexic Writers. Ed. Naomi Folb. S.l.: Rasp, 2011. 35. Print.

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