"In an attempt to revitalize her health, Addie explores her subconscious through dreams of recovery."

Final film as a freshman (how 'bout them alliterationzZzZz) at The School of Visual Arts (SVA). Extended thank yous to my incredible, beautiful, groovy crew that are also my greatest and closest friends. Lizz, Eche, Carl, Bliss, and Ameerkat: I love you all terribly.

Even more thanks to my professors for guiding me through this year. I've learned an overwhelming amount of knowledge and I adore you all to pieces. Thank you.

All of my friends at SVA, for being the best people I've ever met. Better than anyone else back home. Also for letting me vent to you after losing my footage and my mind. Even when I thought it would never be done and lost complete hope, you pushed me to make it happen. SVA is Home. All of You are Home.

Brianna, for your patience, kindness, and talent. I cannot wait to collaborate in the future.

Mommy, for allowing five hooligans to come into your house, film for eight hours, drive your car, and eat your food.
Kenji and Koji, for being the most badass brothers and letting the boys play video games with you/use your room as the "break" room.
wp, for being there.

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