This Part 4, is only the background free-flowing music mix, for one of our social get-togethers, during our Bricket Wood 40th Reunion. Along with this photo, taken at the "famous" Sophomore Class Ball in 1972, this video has only one photo to it ...our whole Bricket Wood, Student body, in 1973.
This will take us back to those fantastic days of loving "family" fun, we all shared at our Bricket Wood Ambassador College dance Balls, Sing a Longs, Entertainment nights ...and on our many trips together in London, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Israel and all over Europe, as well as Canada, USA, Mexico, South America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
This has been made with only one significant photo, we can all relate to know what i mean that you can just click this on anytime at home...
Turn the volume up full pelt ...while you're doing other stuff around your home ...cuddling with your spouse ...or playing with your grandchildren.
Happy reminiscing, dancing and swaying to this selection of our mutually popular favourites ...of those happy days we shared together like close brothers and sisters in one giant amazing, very special family.
"Halcyon days!!" lovely Ruthie babes, says. :)
Remember our love and respect for each other ...remember our love ...feel it all over again! ...and again ...forever!

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