At Volume Nine (a Denver Based SEO Company), we just updated our SEO Dashboard! We've now added in Google Webmaster Tools data integration in order to provide additional metrics & data for our clients' SEO campaigns.
Volume Nine provides SEO reviews, consulting, and support to help you grow your business using the best SEO practices, the highest level of strategic initiatives, and the most accurate analytical metrics.

What Is the V9 SEO Dashboard? -
Our SEO Dashboard is a reporting & campaign management tool, that allows our clients to accurately track the status of their campaigns and measure results overtime. Get more on our SEO Dashboard at V9SEO.com/seo-support/dashboard/

Why Add in Webmaster Tools Data?
Google Webmaster Tools is a great resource for getting additional metrics & data about your website. One of the big ones is search queries (your organic keyword data). We are really excited to announce that Volume Nine is now incorporating Webmaster Tool data, including top queries and top pages into Dashboard. More importantly, we've setup categories (e.g. branded vs. non branded), so that you can measure keyword trends overtime.

Lastly, one of the biggest challenges Marketers have with Webmaster Tools is that it only collects data for 90 days, which makes it impossible to measure longer trends or Year over Year improvements. We've now started to collect and store the data, meaning that we can start to measure trends for longer than 90 days (and this time next year, we can review your Year over Year data)!

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