The Best Buy Mobile team demonstrates how to connect a Bluetooth earpiece to your mobile device. He shows how to access connections set-up on your Blackberry and finishes by showing you how to wear a Bluetooth headset.

My name is Daniel, I work for Best Buy Mobile in Chico, California and
I’m going to show you how to pair a Bluetooth headset to your phone today.
To do that you simply have to set your Bluetooth headset in pairing mode and once it’s in pairing mode you simply have to navigate to your phone go ahead and click your menu button, navigate to your connections, once there go to set up Bluetooth. Once you click on that it’s going to give you a couple of options. Where going to search for devices. It’ll automatically start searching for all the Bluetooth headsets we currently have in pairing mode. And there we have it Plantronics 975, so to go ahead and connect, click there. It’ll start connecting to the headset. It’ll ask us for a code, this is very good, the reason why, is because it’s standard. So, if you’re ever wondering what the password is, it’s the same one for every Bluetooth headset. The password is simply four zeros. So we’ll go ahead and type zero, zero, zero, zero and hit ok: pairing has been completed, do we wish to connect? Yeah, and one little tricky thing you’ll get with these guys is you’ll probably want to stand in a mirror to learn how to put them in your ear just coz it takes a little getting use to. So to do that you simply have to go ahead and kind of just push it in there and there you go.

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