This is a short film capturing 'The End of ALL Suffering'

It takes the viewer on a short journey Back to the Future, Past and Present and allows each one of us to open our hEARts like we haven't felt FREE to in the past. By doing so, WE unlock and unblock ALL of our DNA strings to vibrate and FEEL at the very core of yOUR True, Living Beam of White Light that WE ALL ®.

It cleanses our body, mind and spirit of all the lies, corruption, brainwashing and fear that have completely numbed us to the point of only breathing and not feeling ALIVE! Very much like the metaphor used in 'The Matrix' where Morpheus likens humanity unto a battery.

Being ALIVE and not just serving as a battery to serve The System, The Machine World is such a hUge difference in the way we feel, in the way we vibrate.

This film captures the beauty in acknowledging we ® all pART of the same global consciousness, same Web of Energy... The same Essence of that of Our Prime CREATOR the God of Sound, not the Spoken Word.

This film unlocks the spell of bondage as we are able to identify our True Self within the reflection of each image we see through our 'Image-IN-Nation' {imagination} and in each and every HU-manBEing we meet Face to Face, hEARt to heART, breath to breath... Soul to Soul here on This Planet, EARTH

It helps us reMEMBER we all have tender, bruised hearts; we all carry life-times of pain in our eyes and we all carry mountains of burden on our shoulders - ALL of us!

It captures the liberation in humanities awakening as we REAL-EYES {realize} we have been nailed and crucified to the Cross like Jesus in the Bible. Being punished for 'BEing The Way and the Truth and the Life.'

It captures the end of this dark, evil Black Magic Spell the Genius who wrote Genesis created that condemned his "own creation" in the garden of nEEd, oops spelling error, I mean the garden of EdEn for eating of the Tree of Knowledge... The ability to tap into yOUR Divine Intelligence, our In-know-Sense {innocence}... Our very own IN-TELL-AGENTS {intelligence} that make the US GovernMEnt look like Easter Bunnies on Christmas Day... Out of place!!!

GAME OVER 666 ~ The Beast

999 ~ Life WILL take over from here today, tomorrow in all~ways, always!!

aMEn/ aWEn/ aMEN


Special thanks to the following Resources used to produce this film:
Native American Music - "Circle Dance" By Thomas …:
Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness:
Sigur Rós - Fjögur Píanó (directed by Philip Clemo)

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