Nearly 20 years ago, I made a bet for $1,000.00 with a friend of mine, who is a rabid Calgary Flames fan, that the Edmonton Oilers would win a Stanley Cup again before the Flames ever would. It seems my money is safe for at least another year. Then again, so is his. In fact, neither team is going to get a sniff at that trophy for at least a few years, so both "Big Tom" and I can spend our money on other things like family vacations, mortgage payments, and vet bills.

I have been mostly silent throughout several NHL seasons, as the Edmonton Oilers players, coaches, management, and ownership have combined to put out what can only be described as the worst on-ice product in my more than 30 years of being a fan. The term "City of Champions" has never before been more of a punch-line.

Despite the recent woes of the city's NHL franchise, there is no doubt that Edmonton is still a hockey town. From underprivileged kids getting their first pair of skates, to the dedicated parents, coaches, referees, and rink caretakers - Edmontonians are doing their part to keep the national sport alive.

In the TELUS myEdmonton special presentation: Hockey In Edmonton, we take a journey into the heart and soul of the game to meet the people who keep our rinks and sport on the ice. The goal of these vivid and affectionate portraits is to offer up a rare inside look at the game of hockey and capture the essence of the sport and what it means to those who love it.

Executive Producer - Marni Wedin
Producer - Laura O'Grady
Writer, Director - John Kerr
DOP - Tom Dudley
Editor - Dean Evans

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