Rarely…in fact, never have we had the pleasure of filming the reaction of parents when their kids tell them of their engagement. And for this couple, not only news of their engagement was a surprise…but that they were getting married right then and there, on the spot! This is what on this blissful fall day as Brian and Catherine surprised their entire family when Brian broke the news that they were engaged and getting married that same day. I LOVE a good surprise!! So I jumped at the opportunity to film this. We were called in to do some undercover filming on this exciting day. The couple craftily came up with a plan to do this on the day of Catherine’s graduation. Their family thought they were flying into town to just celebrate this big milestone in Catherine’s life. They had no idea they would be witnesses to her wedding that very same day. How would this couple pull this off? Simple!….well, maybe not. Their original plan was to have the family take a tour that morning at the historic Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument. We were to be documentary filmmakers, documenting the park and the different tour guides. At the end of the tour, the family was to gather in the historic open ceiling church and Catherine would appear and walk down the aisle to marry Brian. Perfect plan right? Well, then our lovely government decides to shut down and it just so happened that all national parks, including Salinas, would be closed on the exact day of Catherine’s graduation…and her wedding day. So Brian and Catherine, scramble to find other locations, which is what makes her dad’s speech in the film quite humorous given the many different locations they were considering having their family “tour”. Finally, they settled on UNM’s beautiful duck pond, with a “tour” of the campus. This made sense given that Catherine was graduating from UNM. I think a tour of the campus before said graduation, makes perfect sense. So Brian’s friend led the tour, while Catherine snuck her dad away, told him the news…(imagine your own surprise, fathers out there) and prepared him to walk her down the aisle. Meanwhile the tour went on without a hitch. We “documented” this tour as a production company documenting the history of UNM. When the family arrived at the duck pond, Brian announced the news and well…you’ll have to watch to see how everyone reacted. It was quite special. This couple breaks all of our records. They have been together the longest, have been engaged for the shortest amount of time and were absolutely the most creative in how they planned their wedding day.
Brian and Catherine, words can’t express how much we enjoyed doing this for you both! Thank you for the opportunity and for your trust in filming one of the most important moments in your life! We wish you all the very best and many, many more good surprises in the future.

Cinematography: Luminance Wedding Films
Editing/Color Grading: Sarah Kanafani of Luminance Wedding Films
Venue: UNM Duck Pond
Photographer: Ivan Itehkawich

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