"Reason and Instinct are ancestral parents of the Madness that accompanies us"
Film, story and music by Dark Opera

White - A short film on a lost soul trapped in an abandoned and decaying mental asylum.
The abandoned place is in Italy, and the short is a non linear one.
It's not in the typical narrative style but more in a sort of a conceptual, abstract story telling manner. It starts with a written introduction by the lost soul itself, recounting the reasons why he finished in that hell and its sufferance. It seems and sounds like this introduction is the soul's will. And its invitation to witness the place that is now its grave is like the spell that can break the eternal curse that ties it to this place.
The "white" it refers to is the white of the walls, the mattresses and the doctors overalls, the white of the indifference for who was considered mad, the white of the mind under the influence of the medicines and the experiments, the white of the souls of those innocent persons, the white of the purity in contrast with the black of human evilness.
Our world knows a lot of stories about mental asylums and their patients. So much cruelty, so many abuses, so much desperation. People sent there lost their hope and their lives. So many sad stories of diseased people and even normal ones, sent there because they had powerful enemies. Almost like in a concentration camp. You could hear the door closing after you, and never opening again. In Italy this legalized torture had an end with the "legge Basaglia" (the Basaglia law).

From wikipedia:
Basaglia Law or Law 180 (Italian: Legge Basaglia, Legge 180) is the Italian Mental Health Act of 1978 which signified a large reform of the psychiatric system in Italy, contained directives for the closing down of all psychiatric hospitals[1] and led to their gradual replacement with a whole range of community-based services, including settings for acute in-patient care.[2] The Basaglia Law is the basis of Italian mental health legislation.[3]:64 The principal proponent of Law 180[4]:70 and its architect was Italian psychiatrist Franco Basaglia.[5]:8 Therefore, Law 180 is known as the “Basaglia Law” from the name of its promoter. The Parliament of Italy enacted Law 180 on May 13, 1978, and thereby initiated the gradual dismantling of psychiatric hospitals. Implementation of the psychiatric reform law was accomplished in 1998 which marked the very end of the state psychiatric hospital system in Italy. The Law has had worldwide impact as other counties took up widely the Italian model.[9]:125 It was Democratic Psychiatry which was essential in the birth of the reform law of 1978.

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