When a story is passed on, is it like passing a light that is then carried and passed on to others?

It’s often human nature to compare ourselves, we compare our life, our pains and our joys to other people.

When we hear a story we have the opportunity to change or simply absorb a passing of a flame - a story.

We’re often quick to judge and it’s not until we’re told more about the person, that we fully understand perhaps even connect more with.

Take the story of Bundiyarra for example.

During the 60's, some Yamaji Aboriginal people fought for a place to meet, a place to congregate, a place to form community for Aboriginal people.

Today, that idea is now a reality. Bundiyarra helps preserves Aboriginal heritage, promote their culture and provide a place for their children and families for the future.

The site for Bundiyarra was chosen because of its historical significance. Rob Ronan featured above, remembers his people used the land as a camping area because they were not allowed to go into town during the late 1950’s.

Acknowledging the past, both good and bad is part of the story telling process. Some of the stories may not be happy ones, but they are important to tell so that generations, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal can listen and learn.

As part of the Indigenous Community Stories Project, Bundiyarra's story of fighting to win their land and the issues and obstacles that they faced was captured on film.

After the film was produced, some of the Bundiyarra founding members were invited earlier this year to a VIP roof top screening in Perth to view their story on the silver screen.

“The group of people that went down were really excited,” said Rob Ronan.

“When the film started, there we were on the big screen! It was really exciting!”

Jennifer Kniveton says, “Storytelling is so important because it’s already part of our culture. We are people of oral history and that’s how a lot of our history is passed on. A lot of our storytelling is passed on orally.

It’s very important for Aboriginal people to pass on their stories to others. If the stories don’t get passed on it can create a chasm in our history.”

Perhaps there is a light in all of us, if only we’re willing to share it with others.

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