The focus of this service is Stock identification, Chart reading skills, Specific Option strategy for the trade outlook, Trade rationale, and strategy adjustments all the way through to trade exit. Although the goal is to create profits, an equally important goal is to learn the ins-and-outs of how to deal with Options positions, especially when they get into trouble. If you simply close out losers and move on to the next trade, then you're not learning. The key is to turn a loser into a break-even trade, and if possible into a winner.

Having said that, watch the videos below and the performance of the Trading Ideas this year in 2013. Trading Ideas was started in February 2013 and as of July 2013, and the service has produced a profit of over $80,000 on a capital of $350,000.

2013 Returns of over 25% in 6 months

Trade identification and rationale
Specific Option strategy for the trade
Adjustment notifications
Exit notifications (for both winning and losing trades)


Technical analysis for trade entry

Good technical analysis is key to any trade entry. If you get the entry right, 60% of the job is done. We use a variety of technical indicators, sentiment analysis and Price / Volume / Momentum and Volatility indicators to identify high-probability trade entries.

Options adjustments

Option adjustments are integral to any Options strategy. This is our speciality -- how to adjust Option trades, especially the losing ones.

Video and Email updates

Every day, you'll receive cutting-edge Videos and / or Email updates on trade status, adjustments and exit points

Speculative trades using Weekly Options

Every now and then, when we see good opportunities, we swing for the fences. Weekly Options require close monitoring of the markets, and may not be suitable for everyone.

Earnings report trades

Another speculative type of trade -- we'll identify Volatility arbitrage opportunities during earnings reports. These trades are also speculative in nature, but could produce massive returns.


All trades are "swing trading" type. Holding time about 2 to 4 weeks
Trades done on major indices and ETFs -- SPX, SPY, RUT, GLD, FXE
And major stocks AAPL, GOOG, PCLN, NFLX, CMG, AMZN etc.
5 to 15 trades expected per month
Hold time -- 2 to 4 weeks for most trades, sooner for profitable exits
Hold time is a few days for weekly options, and a day or two for Earnings trades


Here is our first post on the Trading Ideas service.






To learn more about Trade Updates Dec3, watch youtu.be/fyfwCMtZz_w

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